Statement of Purpose

The Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools, also referred to as TANAS, is an organization chartered for the purpose of serving Private Christian Education in the state of Tennessee. TANAS operates as a service organization to church-related school ministries. TANAS desires to further the proclamation of the Word of God and absolute sole authority and Lordship of Jesus Christ over such churches and Christian schools. The TANAS organization approves nursery, pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and satellite home school programs as ministries of specific churches in accordance with the standards established in the Bible, the Word of God.

TANAS is recognized in Tennessee State Law, T.C.A. 49-50-801. Membership in TANAS exempts member schools from the State Board of Education and local boards of education from regulating the selection of faculty or textbooks, or the establishment of a curriculum. Membership in TANAS does not exempt church-related schools from state laws regulating fire and environmental standards.

TANAS does not seek to be a controlling organization, but views its function as a service to local churches. TANAS believes in and supports the right of each local church to operate a private Christian school program in a manner which conforms to that church’s doctrine and convictions.

However, before affording membership to church schools, TANAS does require the completion of the attached application, adherence to minimal standards required by Tennessee State Law, and agreement to the Statement of Faith. The requested information will insure the integrity of TANAS as an organization recognized by the Tennessee Legislative Assembly, and will afford credibility to its member schools.