School Classifications

Summary of School Classifications:

The Tennessee Department of Education has classified private schools into five different categories as follows:

Category I. State Approved or Accredited

The Tennessee Department of Education evaluates and inspects the school.

Category II. Schools Approved by an Approved Private School Accrediting Agency

TANAS submitted accreditation standards to the Department of Education during 1989. TANAS was approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Board of Education on March 30, 1989.

Schools desiring accreditation must make application and be evaluated and inspected by TANAS personnel. After approval by TANAS, these schools are then considered state approved or accredited.

Category III. Southern Association

Schools approved by Southern Association are considered state approved or accredited.

Category IV. Church-Related Schools

Tennessee State Law, T.C.A. 49-50-801 allows schools to operate legally in the state of Tennessee if the school is operated by a church or bona-fide church organization and is a member of one of the associations listed in said law. TANAS is one of the associations listed.

The Department of Education has no direct involvement with this section of Tennessee Law and, therefore, does not extend the title of accreditation to schools that seek this legal covering

Category V. Acknowledge to Operate

Schools may contact the state directly for an application to operate a school. The school will not be accredited, but if the information supplied is satisfactory, the state will grant approval for the school to operate.