The Following Services are offered by Tanas:

  • Membership requirements for schools that choose Category IV: Exempted Schools status as defined by T.C.A. 49-50-801.
  • TANAS is an approved Private School Accrediting Agency recognized by the Tennessee State Department of Education. Schools that meet all TANAS accreditation standards are classified as a Category II School by the State.
  • Technical assistance to address deficiencies.
  • Annual In-Service meeting for administrators, teachers, principals, and volunteer staff.
  • Assistance to beginner schools.
  • Resource agency and consultant services.
  • Liaison between member schools and the Department of Education.
  • State lobbying voice for Private Christian Education.
  • Monitoring of State and Federal legislation.
  • Legal Interpretations offered.
  • Promotes activities, such as Literary Contests, Spelling Bees, Science Fair, athletic events, and fellowship between member schools.
  • Assistance to church-related schools interested in offering a Home School Satellite Program.
  • Day Care and Preschool Programs: TANAS member schools that operate day care and preschool programs will come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education instead of the Department of Human Services. Membership in TANAS exempts the school from using any curriculum promoted by the Departments of Education or Human Services.

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