CollegePlus & TANAS

Program Details:
myCollegeLaunch powered by CollegePlus is a 12 module, mentor based CLEP preparation program that enables students to earn college credit without leaving their high school campus and transition into college with up to 30 college credits.
Student Eligibility:
•9th-12th graders
•High Intrinsic Motivation
•Acceptable Critical Reasoning Assessment score
•Parent/Guardian Support
•General Academic Readiness
Program Requirements:
•Phone and high speed internet access
•5 study hours a week to commit to exam prep
Dr. Tony Wagner
“Students should not be college ready but “innovation” ready. What must we do differently?”
Here is a list of courses that My CollegePlus provides which are the MOST transferable. Research college credit transferability easily!

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Potential students or parents with specific questions may email and an adviser will contact you shortly.
Or you may contact the TANAS office for more details

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